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Recruit the top talent

Bring in the top talent to take us to the next level

Create the target list of 20 people
Approach 20 people from the target list
Hire 7 people from the target list
590 installs
Help engineering team scale

We need to hire 30 software engineers this quarter

Find 200 candidates
Organize 90 interviews
Hire 30 software engineers
138 installs
Our employees are engaged ­čĺŚ

30% increase in eNPS compared to previous year
100% completion rate on the quarterly engagement survey
100% attendance on the feedback workshops for all teams
100% employee attendance rate
100 installs
Create a Management team of A-Players

Managers conduct at least 30 1-on-1 meetings during the quarter
Managers attain at least 1 new upskilling certificate
At least 80% of the employees are happy with their managers
78 installs
Have the most engaged employees

Reduce absenteeism from 35% to 15%
Achieve an attrition rate less than 20%
25% of employees have taken an upskilling program
60 installs
Recruit the best talent out there

Conduct career days in 2 universities
Redesign 50% of our job postings for better outreach
Ensure 90% of new hires pass their trial period
53 installs
Superstar HR efficiency

Lower the time to fill from 50 days to 30 days
Lower the time to hire from 25 days to 15 days
Increase the number of employee referrals by 20%
49 installs
Land and Expand New Top Talent

As being the Chief Hiring Officer, I need to make sure that top-level business executives are being recruited to support our growth targets,

Hire 10 new Sales executives
Time to hire to be decreased from 45 to 25 days
Budget constraints: stay below $1M
43 installs
Top Talent Attraction Becomes the Norm

100% of new top talent to be hired within the budget constraints
100% of the stock options to be stopped from vesting
No stock options to be offered to anyone by the end of the emergency
43 installs
Keep the Men Alive Inside

No more than 5% of our workforce to be laid off on a global level
100% of the laid-off employees to go through a scheduled severance plan
At least 50% of the current workforce to be eligible for a furlough consideration
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