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Become cash-flow positive

As a first step towards profitibility, we need to become cash-flow positive

Increase cash collection to $1.2m
Expenses below $1.1m
Quarterly growth at 40%
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Stay on budget

Make sure we hit the main components of the budget

Expenses on budget
GAAP Revenue on target
World-class cash collections
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Improve the quality of our accounting

High quality accounting is the key to a good accounting health. By setting quality as priority for our Accounting team, we aim to focus on quality over speed.

100% invoices accuracy
100% Audit recommendations implemented
100% GL account reconciliation
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Employ Data & Analytics for Better Financial Decision-making

100% of the Growth-/Sales-based financial forecastings to be made on data
100% of all business expenditures above $5K to be approved in advance
Increase the budget reserve by at least 15%
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Hit our 💰 collection targets

Reduce bad debt provision by 15%
Reduce receivable days by 3
10% overdue vs open balance
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Show me the money

100% of the invoices to be error-free
Cash-collection period for all $100K+ amounts to be reduced from 90 to 65 days
Cash-collection period for all $100 or smaller amounts to be reduced from 60 to 30 days
Average daily costs per day for the company to stay below $10K
The number of accumulated invoices per account per quarter to be 1
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A Saved Dollar per Day Keeps the Crisis Away

100% of the company management salaries to be kept without a raise
No Dividients to every c-level executive, owner or board member until the end of the escalated situation
100% of the promoted talents' salaries to be increased with no more than 15%
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Zero-debt Payer is my nickname

Reduce early payments to 15 days max
Reduce late payments to 30 days max
Debts to strategic creditors to stay 0
The number of “lengthly-credit-term” accounts to stay below 5
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