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Become cash-flow positive

As a first step towards profitibility, we need to become cash-flow positive

Increase cash collection to $1.2m
Expenses below $1.1m
Quarterly growth at 40%
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Create the most awesome company culture

Conduct at least 2 surveys within the quarter
80% employees confirm in awareness of company values
Introduce the "Employee of the Month" program
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Make our company the best place to work!

Achieve at least 85% satisfaction score on the ESATs
Introduce 3 new up-skilling programs
Add 5 new features to our social benefits package
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Our customers are at the šŸ’™of everything we do

There's one way to become fanatically customer-oriented organization - designing, implementing and supporting a products for our users

Run 100% of the design specs through at least 5 customers each
100% of customer feedback is documented in JIRA
Share the success stories - get 10 case studies from tier 1 customers
At least one product call quarter per Tier 1 customer
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Skyrocket growth mode šŸš€

In order to get closer to our company vision we'd need to ensure the company is moving with the speed and distance needed to ensure our growth.

Keep the MoM revenue growth above 19%
100% customer renewal rate
Keep the OPM (operating profit margin) above 15%
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Become a Leader in the HR Tech Market

25% of our revenues come from Forbes 100 companies
100% of our C-level team to be hired from Player-A companies
Be recognized as the best HR tech B2B vendor by top 5 HR media
100% employee retention rate
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Our Vendors Become our Rocketships

100% of the strategic vendor bills to be paid on time
Increase of new partnership-involvement deals by 10%
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