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Select and install the most relevant OKRs
Kill it with OKRs
Meta OKR which ensures that team is effective with the use of OKRs.
747 installs
Everyone on the team owns an OKR
Overall attainment at 70%
We are tracking 270 key results
Committed OKRs at 100% attainment
Become cash-flow positive
As a first step towards profitibility, we need to become cash-flow positive
484 installs
Increase cash collection to $1.2m
Expenses below $1.1m
Quarterly growth at 40%
Hit Q4 sales targets
We need to finish the year with strong sales numbers
436 installs
Hit $740k MRR
Close 130 new customers
Hit $2.5m in new bookings
Recruit the top talent
Bring in the top talent to take us to the next level
351 installs
Create the target list of 20 people
Approach 20 people from the target list
Hire 7 people from the target list
Become a market leader
Becoming a market leader definitely doesn’t happen overnight, but rather takes careful planning and hard work.
346 installs
Increase Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) by $200,000
Keep monthly customer churn below 5%
Lower overall expenses by 5%
Drive quality traffic to the website
All of our sales come through the website, driving quality traffic to the website is crucial
288 installs
Website visitors to 300k
Bounce rate below 52%
Avg Session Duration over 60 sec
Meet the customer retention targets
Make customers successful and keep them happy
276 installs
Logo churn below 2%
Net MRR Churn below -3%
Increase NPS by 5 points
Flood the pipeline
Widen the top of the funnel in order to hit the sales targets.
272 installs
Generate 4300 leads
Bring in 140k people to the website
Generate 2800 MQLs
Kill the bugs
Bugs hurt our business and annoy our customers.
243 installs
Less than 10 open critical bugs
Fix customer reported bugs in less than 7 days
Implement OKRs successfully
207 installs
Schedule 12 weekly OKR meetings
Set up a minimum of 40 OKRs in Gtmhub
Achieve 75% progress of all OKRs set up
Users love our product
Our customers become our brand advocates
206 installs
Ideate 4 new features for premium customers
Increase the daily active users by 20%
Launch 3 of the most wanted integrations this quarter
Be fast, stable & reliable
Make sure we cover the table stakes with our product
202 installs
Average uptime of all services
Average page load under 2s
Support sales team
Executive presence always help sales team, and also - be close to customers and prospects.
190 installs
Attend 100 sales calls
Send 300 sales emails
Visit 20 prospects on site
Top of the line SaaS metrics
Achieve top percentile SaaS metrics
180 installs
Hit 18% MoM growth
Net MRR Churn to -5%
Gross margin to 90%
Monthly logo churn below 1%
Stay on budget
Make sure we hit the main components of the budget
179 installs
Expenses on budget
GAAP Revenue on target
World-class cash collections
Become a thought leader
173 installs
Grow blog subscribers list to 5,000
Place 3 own content pieces in media or other online publications
Increase social media followers by 50%
Raise Series A
To accelerate our growth, we need to raise the next found of capital.
169 installs
Build a list of 100 VCs to target
Get 20 second meetings
Receive 5 term sheets
Close the minimum of $9m investment
Grow the partners network
152 installs
Add 20 new partners this quarter
Partner churn to be less than 2%
Identify 5 improvements in the partner onboarding flow
Improve the trial sign up flow
To increase the revenue, we need to make trial sign up flawless, as all of our customers come from trials
141 installs
Reduce the number of steps to sign up for trial
Increase the percentage of completed sign ups
Reduce number of inputs during the trial
Fast as lightning ⚡️support
138 installs
Decrease first response time to 3mins
Decrease median response time to 1.14 mins
Keep positive review score above 95% (out of 100%)
Build 4 KPIs in the team dashboard
Make our product fly
128 installs
Achieve filtering of 5,000 items to take less than 1 second
Reduce loading time of initial screen by 2 seconds
Achieve 0 support tickets complaining about sluggishness
Users know our product
113 installs
At least 3 live webinars on parts of the system creating friction points
30% of the live chat conversations are automatically closed by the bot
Document at least 6 of the new functionalities
Onboard team with OKRs
110 installs
Achieve an 80% pass rate on the OKRs quiz
At the end of the quarter achieve a 60% opt-in rate of team members who want to continue using OKRs
Invite 30 team members to an OKR course and achieve 100% attendance
Grow a vibrant online customer community
Connect customers via Slack, Linkedin and Facebook groups
104 installs
Average posts interactions (likes + comments) > 300
Increase the total number of members by 40%
At least one post every 3 days
Decrease customer churn rate
93 installs
Identify 3 customer behaviors that precede a customer churn event
Conduct re-sale campaign for all churned customers offering a discount for re-subscription
Interview 15 recently churned customers to understand churn reasons
Improve satisfaction with support team's work
93 installs
Decrease the number of complaints and negative feedback by 20%
Increase the number of positive feedback comments by 20%
Increase the customer satisfaction rating from 4.0 to 4.5 stars
Help engineering team scale
We need to hire 30 software engineers this quarter
93 installs
Find 200 candidates
Organize 90 interviews
Hire 30 software engineers
Become the best SDR
Sales starts with us; feed the machine.
90 installs
Generate 80 SQLs
Identify 1,000 new enterprise target accounts
Call 100% of assigned leads
Decrease the churn % for customers post onboarding phase
84 installs
Identify 2 customer behaviors that precede a customer churn event
Decrease the churn with 3%
Improve the reengagement campaign so customers get back on track faster
Lightning fast sales
81 installs
Increase sales velocity by 20%
All new account execs are on-boarded two times faster
Achieve net new revenue of $4.5mln
Revive the referral program
78 installs
50 case studies
10% of our revenue comes from referrals
200 customers signed up for the referral program
Become Support Superhero!
72 installs
Build 5 KPIs in the team dashboard
Lower median response time to 1.2 min
Receive 90% positive rating on closed conversations
Become best-in-class sales exec
72 installs
Increase the sales closing ratio by 10%
Achieve net new revenue of $1.4mln
Contribute with at least 5 content pieces this quarter
Make our company the best place to work!
67 installs
Achieve at least 85% satisfaction score on the ESATs
Introduce 3 new up-skilling programs
Add 5 new features to our social benefits package
Decrease the initial churn during the onboarding phase
66 installs
Increase the daily active users by 20%
Lower the account churn by 5% of customers in onboarding phase
At least 5% of the resurrection campaign customers are back using the product
Build the OKRs habit
62 installs
All employees in our account to have at least 1 OKRs assigned to them
At least 2 Key Results to be assigned per every Objective in the account
The number of misaligned Objectives to decrease to 0
At least 1 update per KRs to be made every week
Increase the transparency in our company from 56% to at least 80%
Our customers are at the 💙of everything we do
There's one way to become fanatically customer-oriented organization - designing, implementing and supporting a products for our users
60 installs
Run 100% of the design specs through at least 5 customers each
100% of customer feedback is documented in JIRA
Share the success stories - get 10 case studies from tier 1 customers
At least one product call quarter per Tier 1 customer
Create the most awesome company culture
58 installs
Conduct at least 2 surveys within the quarter
80% employees confirm in awareness of company values
Introduce the "Employee of the Month" program
Grab the attention of our visitors with the new website 🌟
We need to launch our new and improved website and make sure the design grabs the user's attention and users spend the necessary time on it.
57 installs
Average Session Duration > 1 min
Bounce Rate < 40s
Cart Abandonment Rate < 60%
Our employees are engaged 💗
53 installs
30% increase in eNPS compared to previous year
100% completion rate on the quarterly engagement survey
100% attendance on the feedback workshops for all teams
100% employee attendance rate
Run the company’s first OKRs pilot project
50 installs
Provide a solid definition of success
Quantify the definition of success by assigning at least 2 KRs to focus on achieving
100% of every employee to have at least one OKRs
The number of bi-weekly KR updates to stay above 1
The pilot project success rate to be at least 90% at the end of the period
Achieve record revenue and profitability
49 installs
Increase quarterly revenue from 100K to 180K
Lower operational expenses by 15%
Increase quarterly profit from 30K to 50K
Run the company’s first OKRs pilot project
49 installs
Provide a solid definition of success
Quantify the definition of success by assigning at least 2 KRs to focus on achieving
100% of every employee to have at least one OKRs
The number of bi-weekly KR updates to stay above 1
The pilot project success rate to be at least 90% at the end of the period
Find product-market fit
47 installs
Close our first 100 Business customers
100% 2-year commitment as per every contract
100% of the deals to go through one scalable and repatable business model
Achieve Customer Success Excellence
47 installs
Standardize 3 of our core processes
Ensure average customer health score above 4
Add 10 new learning materials to our training deck
Operational Claw is my Name
46 installs
100% of the internal processes are notated
100% of the product-market processes to be automated
Improve the quality of our accounting
High quality accounting is the key to a good accounting health. By setting quality as priority for our Accounting team, we aim to focus on quality over speed.
45 installs
100% invoices accuracy
100% Audit recommendations implemented
100% GL account reconciliation
Introduce the best content to our website
44 installs
Write 30 blog articles
Increase average session duration to 60 seconds
Implement 30 landing pages
Skyrocket growth mode 🚀
In order to get closer to our company vision we'd need to ensure the company is moving with the speed and distance needed to ensure our growth.
43 installs
Keep the MoM revenue growth above 19%
100% customer renewal rate
Keep the OPM (operating profit margin) above 15%
Create a Management team of A-Players
40 installs
Managers conduct at least 30 1-on-1 meetings during the quarter
Managers attain at least 1 new upskilling certificate
At least 80% of the employees are happy with their managers
Improve the quality of our accounting
High quality accounting is the key to a good accounting health. By setting quality as priority for our Accounting team, we aim to focus on quality over speed.
40 installs
100% invoices accuracy
100% Audit recommendations implemented
100% GL account reconciliation
Improve recruitment effectiveness
Recruitment's value for the organization is vital and therefore we need to be more effective to help the organization grow.
38 installs
Reduce average time to fill by 1 week
90% offer acceptance
Introduce resume screening automation software
Target properly, convert efficiently 📈
36 installs
6% conversion rate for organic search traffic
15% conversion rate for referral traffic
20% conversion rate for direct traffic
2% conversion rate for social traffic
Become true OKRs masters
36 installs
Introduce OKRs/Gtmhub to at least 25% of the rest of the company’s workforce
At least 1 more C-suite company member to become an OKRs sponsor/champion
Employ an OKRs Knowledge Transfer Framework to ensure succession and expansion practices are put in place
Hit our 💰 collection targets
36 installs
Reduce bad debt provision by 15%
Reduce receivable days by 3
10% overdue vs open balance
Show me the money
36 installs
100% of the invoices to be error-free
Cash-collection period for all $100K+ amounts to be reduced from 90 to 65 days
Cash-collection period for all $100 or smaller amounts to be reduced from 60 to 30 days
Average daily costs per day for the company to stay below $10K
The number of accumulated invoices per account per quarter to be 1
Become an investable company
35 installs
Reach a break-even point
Get 10 new B2B business cases
Customer base growth 2x
From Startup to Scaleup
34 installs
10 fold our customer base growth
2 new MVPs introduction
Company valuation to increase at least 500%
At least 1 Private Equity Fund to commit to invest in our company
Become a Leader in the HR Tech Market
33 installs
25% of our revenues come from Forbes 100 companies
100% of our C-level team to be hired from Player-A companies
Be recognized as the best HR tech B2B vendor by top 5 HR media
100% employee retention rate
Have the most engaged employees
32 installs
Reduce absenteeism from 35% to 15%
Achieve an attrition rate less than 20%
25% of employees have taken an upskilling program
A Saved Dollar per Day Keeps the Crisis Away
32 installs
100% of the company management salaries to be kept without a raise
No Dividients to every c-level executive, owner or board member until the end of the escalated situation
100% of the promoted talents' salaries to be increased with no more than 15%
Have the happiest customers in the industry
32 installs
Ensure 90% of our SLAs are met
Ensure an average CSAT score of 8
Ensure an FCR rate of 85%
Employ Data & Analytics for Better Financial Decision-making
31 installs
100% of the Growth-/Sales-based financial forecastings to be made on data
100% of all business expenditures above $5K to be approved in advance
Increase the budget reserve by at least 15%
Become an OKRs-driven machine
30 installs
Average attainment of all company-level OKRs to be at least 70%
Achieve at least 70% Key Result automation
Expand the OKRs pilot project into a company-wide initiative
30 installs
Get 100% buy-in from all the leadership/BoD members
100% of the company members to be trained on OKRs/Gtmhub
At least 80% of the company team/members to have 1 OKRs assigned to them
Good OKRs practices to be applied across the organization
Our Customers Become Our Heroes
29 installs
The number of current TIER 1 customer to be lost in times of uncertainty to be 0
100% of the self-service accounts to keep using our product during the emergency
MRR Churn to stay 10% below the actual forecasting expectations
MRR is the lifeblood of our business!
28 installs
MRR month-over-month Growth = 20%
ARR to increase to at least $10M
Enterprise Sales Cycle < 60 days
Recruit the best talent out there
28 installs
Conduct career days in 2 universities
Redesign 50% of our job postings for better outreach
Ensure 90% of new hires pass their trial period
Build the House of Customer Happiness
28 installs
100% of current customers to renew for at least another year
NRR = 100%
100% of our customers to recommend us to incoming leads
Our Vendors Become our Rocketships
28 installs
100% of the strategic vendor bills to be paid on time
Increase of new partnership-involvement deals by 10%
Top Talent Attraction Becomes the Norm
26 installs
100% of new top talent to be hired within the budget constraints
100% of the stock options to be stopped from vesting
No stock options to be offered to anyone by the end of the emergency
Superstar HR efficiency
26 installs
Lower the time to fill from 50 days to 30 days
Lower the time to hire from 25 days to 15 days
Increase the number of employee referrals by 20%
Land and Expand New Top Talent
As being the Chief Hiring Officer, I need to make sure that top-level business executives are being recruited to support our growth targets,
24 installs
Hire 10 new Sales executives
Time to hire to be decreased from 45 to 25 days
Budget constraints: stay below $1M
Keep the Men Alive Inside
23 installs
No more than 5% of our workforce to be laid off on a global level
100% of the laid-off employees to go through a scheduled severance plan
At least 50% of the current workforce to be eligible for a furlough consideration
Zero-debt Payer is my nickname
23 installs
Reduce early payments to 15 days max
Reduce late payments to 30 days max
Debts to strategic creditors to stay 0
The number of “lengthly-credit-term” accounts to stay below 5
We are a digital fortress
5 installs
Encrypt 100% of employee workstations
Enable Single Sing-On for at least 80% of business critical applications
All vendor patches installed within 30 days
Getting ready for the next compliance audit
4 installs
100% of internal security controls are implemented
100% Information Security policies are up to date
Complete Risk Assessment for at least 90% of the vendors
Find our next Security Champion
4 installs
Security Training synced with all new policies
Have 100% of staff completed the annual Security refresher training
Our Security service is a Beast!
4 installs
All client security questionnaires answered within 5 working days
All security events from IDS and WAF triaged within 4 hours
Have the SOC 2 annual audit completed
Track your compliance effort while collaborating with third parties.
3 installs
All sample data is sent to the Auditor
0% of audit items in status "Open"
100% of audit items transitioned to "Closed"
End of results