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Select and install the most relevant OKRs
Kill it with OKRs
Meta OKR which ensures that team is effective with the use of OKRs.
837 installs
Everyone on the team owns an OKR
Overall attainment at 70%
We are tracking 270 key results
Committed OKRs at 100% attainment
Become cash-flow positive
As a first step towards profitibility, we need to become cash-flow positive
550 installs
Increase cash collection to $1.2m
Expenses below $1.1m
Quarterly growth at 40%
Hit Q4 sales targets
We need to finish the year with strong sales numbers
512 installs
Hit $740k MRR
Close 130 new customers
Hit $2.5m in new bookings
Recruit the top talent
Bring in the top talent to take us to the next level
407 installs
Create the target list of 20 people
Approach 20 people from the target list
Hire 7 people from the target list
Become a market leader
Becoming a market leader definitely doesn’t happen overnight, but rather takes careful planning and hard work.
397 installs
Increase Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) by $200,000
Keep monthly customer churn below 5%
Lower overall expenses by 5%
Drive quality traffic to the website
All of our sales come through the website, driving quality traffic to the website is crucial
323 installs
Website visitors to 300k
Bounce rate below 52%
Avg Session Duration over 60 sec
Flood the pipeline
Widen the top of the funnel in order to hit the sales targets.
320 installs
Generate 4300 leads
Bring in 140k people to the website
Generate 2800 MQLs
Meet the customer retention targets
Make customers successful and keep them happy
303 installs
Logo churn below 2%
Net MRR Churn below -3%
Increase NPS by 5 points
Kill the bugs
Bugs hurt our business and annoy our customers.
280 installs
Less than 10 open critical bugs
Fix customer reported bugs in less than 7 days
Implement OKRs successfully
258 installs
Schedule 12 weekly OKR meetings
Set up a minimum of 40 OKRs in Gtmhub
Achieve 75% progress of all OKRs set up
End of results