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We are a boutique Agile Consulting/Training firm based in Boston, Israel, India. We help Fortune500/50, as well as growing startups, achieve alignment and agility through the pragmatic and principled implementation of OKRs, SAFe, Kanban/Scrum/Flow.
Services offered:
  • OKR training and coaching
  • OKR methodology consulting
  • Strategy methodology other than OKR training and consulting
  • Transformation and organization change management.
  • Leadership development training
  • Software resale
  • Agile coaching / training / transformation
Marketplace submissions:
  • OKRs (0)
Our Free OKR Consulting Offer:
We challenge your comfort zone around OKRs. We can help you assess your OKR maturity and ideas for acceleration. It includes how your OKRs look like (Output/Outcome focus? ), How you're scaling them, as well as how do they map to your team structure/topology. If you have a specific OKR challenge in mind, happy to lead with that!
6 Liberty Square #2261, Boston, United States